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Smør Menu

(Availability May Vary)

Cardamom Knot

Sweet cardamom dough loaded with cardamom, sugar, and butter. 

Swedish Cinnamon Knot

Cardamom dough smothered in brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. 

Chocolate Hazel-Knot

Cardamom dough layered with chocolate hazelnut spread and chopped hazelnuts, topped with a hazelnut streusel. 

Lingonberry Knot 

Cardamom dough filled tart lingonberry jam and topped with crunchy turbinado sugar. 

Toffee Almond Cream Bun

Cardamom dough filled with almond pastry cream and butter toffee and topped with sliced almonds. 


Cardamom dough filled vanilla bean pastry cream, glazed and topped with coconut. 

Knot of the Month

Sometimes savory, sometimes sweet, but always delicious. 


Delicately soft brown butter almond cookie.


Brown butter chocolate chip cookie loaded with Swedish Mørk Syrup and house-made toffee.


Buttery Cookie tossed in crunchy cinnamon sugar.

Fairy Berry Bar 

Brown sugar oatmeal bar with house-made Mixed Berry jam topped with streusel.

Cardamom Crispie

Brown butter rice cereal treat filled with ground cardamom and toasted coconut.

Jarlsberg, Spinach and Egg Knot 

Cardamom dough layered with garlic butter, spinach, Jarlsberg cheese, and topped with everything seasoning


Weekend Favorites 



3 Twelve inch traditional Norwegian potato flatbread.

Venison Danish

Oskar's venison sausage and spicy pepper jack cheese wrapped up in our buttery, flaky house-made puff pastry. 







Classic Norwegian Ginger Snaps.


While we bake bread daily, all bread may not be available every day.

Please give us 48-hour notice if you are looking for something specific
Smør Brioche

Fluffy and Buttery, could there ever be a more perfect bread?

Also, it makes the most excellent French Toast. 

Smør Potato

Classic White Potato Bread, taking you back to your childhood lunch box. Toast? Sandos? Grilled Cheese? Potato can do it all!

Smør Honey Rye Wheat 

 Soft and Delicious, topped with Pepitas, Flax and Chia Seed 

Smør Rustic rye wheat sourdough

Beautifully crafted sourdough with that perfect crusty crust and chewy inside.

Truly the bread of bread! 


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