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Specialty Cakes

(pricing based on design, please email or call for more info)


Almond Sponge Cake layered with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream and House Raspberry Jam, topped with a dome Whipped Cream and Marzipan 


Midsommar Tårta

Vanilla Bean Sponge layered with Strawberries, Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream then topped with Whipped Cream


Vanilla Flukt 

Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake with House Mixed Berry Jam and Whipped Cream


Fika Fika

Finnish Tea Cake with Lemon Curd and Toasted Meringue 


Kafe Perk 

Espresso Cake layered with Chocolate Cream and Raspberries

Carrot Cake

Cardamom Carrot Cake filled Salted Vanilla Bean and Ginger Cream Cheese Icing 



Almond Sponge Cake layered with Toasted Meringue and Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream


Black Forest

Dark Chocolate Devils Food Cake layered with House Made Tart Cherry Compote, Chocolate Cream and Vanilla Bean Whip Cream. Topped with Whip Cream, Cherries and Chocolate Shavings. 


Special Featured Items
(watch our Instagram for weekly featured items or special order HERE)


Macarons - Almond meringue sandwich cookies. Flavor varies.

Sandbakkels -  Buttery almond Norwegian cookies with a “Sandy” texture

Rosettes  -  Light and crispy fried vanilla batter with confectioner's sugar

Krumkake  -  Delicate and lacy Norwegian waffle cookies

Iced Sugar Cookies -  Vanilla bean sugar cookies with buttercream icing