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To Place An Order Request or for ordering questions, please Email us at

Items Currently Available for Special Order
Orders MUST have 48 hour notice to be considered

Please Email for Prices and availability.

All cakes are 8" and serve approximately 6-14

Customization is not always available but please mention any requests and we will try to accommodate

WE CATER and offer DELIVERY. Email to find out more about how we can be at your next gathering. Fees and minimums may apply.

Pick up: Tue - Fri - Oskar's Slider bar (downstairs), Sat - Our location 1001 Trevilian Way


Prinsesstårta - $78

3 Layers of Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake filled with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream and House Raspberry Jam

topped with Whipped Cream, and Traditional Green Marzipan. Custom marzipan color available for an additional charge. 


Midsommar Tårta (available May 1 -August 31) - $68

3 Layers of Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake filled with Fresh Strawberries and Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

topped with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream, Strawberries, and seasonal greenery

Vanilla Flukt - $68

3 Layers of Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake layered with House Mixed Berry Jam and Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

topped with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream, chefs selection of seasonal berries and/or stone fruit, and seasonal greenery

Eplekake (September 1 - November 30) - $45

Dense, spiced cake, baked with a layer of tender cinnamon and cardamom spiced apples, tart and sweet apple glaze


Gulrotkake - $68

(carrot cake)

2 Layers of Spiced Carrot Cake filled Vanilla Bean Ginger Cream Cheese Icing topped

with Salted Caramel Sauce and Icing Rosettes


Kladdkaka - $36

Rich single layer chocolate sticky cake dusted with powdered sugar.

Can be ordered as a round cake, or cut into bars. See bar option below.



Cookies & Bars

available in half and full dozen, no mix and match


Buttery almond Norwegian cookies with a 'sandy' texture.   Available in both thin (a shell that can be filled - crunchy)

and thick (soft) varieties.


Rosettes - not available for shipping

Fried, light and crispy on a traditional rosette iron with confectioner's sugar


Krumkake - not availabe for shipping

Delicate light Norwegian waffle cookies. Available flat or cone-shaped


Our take on a classic chocolate chip cookie with the addition of Swedish Mork syrup toffee.



The classic cookie done amazing. We have some of the best around. Melt in your mouth sugar cinnamon deliciousness.


Rich chocolate sticky cake, similar to a brownie, dusted with powdered sugar.

Cardamon Crispies

The favorite childhood puffed rice treat with cardamom marshmallow cream and toasted coconut for a grown up twist.



Potato Bread:
loaf, buns, dinner rolls

loaf, buns, dinner rolls


traditional Norwegian potato flat bread. Each order contains 3 sheets


Savory/Cold Case Items

Oskar's Skagenrora (Swedish shrimp salad)


Oskar's Swedish Pickles


Oskar's Swedish Mustard

Oskar's Beet Salad

Grind Pimiento Cheese



Love the sauces at our sister restaurants? We have them!

Grind - habanero honey, ghost chili mayo, smoked ketchup, habanero jam

Oskar's - habanero honey, dilly ranch, juniper hot sauce, smoked apple vinaigrette, Danish remoulade sauce

(Made fresh and must be used within the week of purchase.

Please keep all but the honey refrigerated.

Available in 8oz and 16oz sizes)

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